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Registered Dietitian Internship


Internship, Duration - 6 Months, Seats - 2

The aspiring candidate should have 

Life Member of IDA (before the commencement of internship)

Educational Qualification -

a. Graduate Degree in Food Nutrition & Dietetics
b. A graduate in BSc Home Science with Food and Nutrition as a specialization. The student should have covered a minimum of four courses out of the following: Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Microbiology, Basic Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Therapeutic Nutrition.
c. Graduate Degree with a minimum of 4 nutrition-related subjects like (i) Basic Nutrition (ii) Biochemistry (iii) Human Physiology (iv) Diet Therapy (v) Clinical Nutrition (vi) Diet in Diseases.

d. Post Graduate Diploma in Food Nutrition & Dietetics.
e. Post Graduate Degree (M.Sc.) in Foods & Nutrition/Clinical Nutrition/Dietetics.