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  • Ambulance

    +91-20-6609 9717
  • Blood Center

    +91-20-6609 9727
  • Emergency

    +91-20-6609 9719
  • Pathology

    +91-20-6609 9725
  • Pharmacy

    +91-20-6609 9724
  • Radiology

    +91-20-6609 9729
  • Reception

    +91-20-6609 9701
  • Health Feeds

Hospital Services


  1. Hospitals provide FREE PICK-UP Ambulance service within PMC Limits for patients requring admission.
  2. Patients requring ambulance services to come to the hospital on OPD basis and for dropping after discharge etc, shall be charged as under :
    Sr. No. Distance from hospital to pick-up point and back Rate Charges per km beyond 25 km
    1. Non A/c Ambulance upto 25kms or 2 hours(minimum charges) 250.00 Rs. 9 per km
    2. ICU or A/c Ambulance upto 25kms or 2 hours(minimum charges) 700.00 Rs. 20 per km
  3. Person attending the call from from patient / relative must fill up form as specified.
  4. Ordinarily, Ambulance service will not be provided outside PMC limits, except in exceptional case with prior permission of Managing Trustee / Director (Academics) / General Manager / Medical Superintendent / Hon. Manager (Materials & Logistics), subject to charges, as above.
  5. On special request of the patient / relatives, services of doctor(s) and nurses(s) may be provided to accompany the patient in the ambulance, subject to their avalibility and discretion of the Management and the charges for the doctors and nurses would be recovered from the patient as per the daily Allowance.
  6. For charges for use of oxygen cylinder in Hospital ambulance, refer paragraph on " Equipment and other charges."