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Radiation Synovectomy

FAQ'S on Radiation Synovectomy

What is radiation synovectomy?

Ans : It is the synovectomy of inflamed joints using radionuclides instead of surgery.

What condition can be treated with radiation synovectomy?

Ans : Rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthropathy, chronic pigmented villonodular synovitis and haemophiliac synovitis.

Wha are the radioisotopes involved in radiation synovectomy?

Ans : Radioisotopes are chosen depending on the size of the joint. They could be imported ones like Yttrium-90, Rhenium-186, Erbium-169 or the indigenously made Colloidal samarium phosphate.

What is the riskinvolved in radiation synovectomy?

Ans : There could be radiation leak from the site of puncture if the joint is not immobilized adequately.

What is the cost of radiation synovectomy?

Ans : the cost of radiation synovectomy varies depending on the radioisotopes being used.

Please contact Nuclear Medicine Dept. for any further information.