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Family Medicine


                                                  Department Of Family Medicine

    A comprehensive Health Care of the whole family from pediatric to   geriatric age focused mainly on preventive care with Health Check up, Screening of diseases,vaccination,Early management of Diseases and Rehabilitation services.


     DNB (Family Medicine)


     DNB (Family Medicine)


     DNB (Family Medicine)


     DNB (Family Medicine)



Family clinic:

Health Check up, Screening, Health education, Immunization And Counseling


Lifestyle clinic: 

Diet, Exercise,De-addiction, Social Relations, Sleep and Stress Management.


Immunization Clinic :

Paediatric Immunization, adult Immunization Target Group Immunization LikeD,CKD,Cancer, COPD Patients

Travel Medicine Clinic:

Travel Advice, Travel Kit, Travel Immunization


Occupational Health Clinic:

Protection against Occupational Hazard


Rehabilitation Clinic:

Medical, Physiotherapy, Occupational Psychological, education, social work , vocational guidance,


Counseling Clinic: 

Child, student, adolescent couple, job counseling.


Geriatric Clinic: 

Physical Health, psychological Social Support, Palliative care


Preventive Oncology


Preventive Cardiology

SVMMC Facts:

No. of Hospitals- 4
No. of Years- 30
Over 100,000 Patients Treated
Over 120 Doctors across all Facilities
430 Beds & 7 OT’s
25 Bedded ICU
Experienced, Empathetic, and Empowered!

Family medicine FAQs

What is family medicine?

Family medicine involves continued and comprehensive healthcare for individuals and families. It integrates biological, clinical and behavioural sciences. Family medicine covers all ages, sexes, each organ system and every disease entity.

What do you mean by a family physician?

Unlike other specialties limited to a particular organ or disease, family physicians are the only specialists qualified to treat most ailments and provide comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages — from infants to elderlies.

Why is a family physician required?

While many diseases and specialties have emerged in the last 5 decades, the role of the family doctor is undermined. These important missing links are causing gaps in healthcare delivery. With increasing complexity of healthcare, people often feel lost in multispecialty healthcare settings. They need someone to address their health-related apprehensions and guide them to take preventive steps to maintain wellbeing and take timely action during an illness.

What does a family physician do in practice?

Family physicians focuson lifestyle management, timely vaccination, nutrition, health counselling and many preventive services. It preventsdelays and occurrence of many illnesses like Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, cancers, etc. It also tries to halt rapid progression of these diseases and preventscomplications.

What are the services offered under family medicine?

Family medicine includes services like,

  • Primary health clinic
  • Health check-up
  • Health screening
  • Lifestyle management
  • Immunization services
  • Travel medicine advice
  • Occupational health services
  • Health counselling
  • Rehabilitation services