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Best Neurology Hospital in Pune | Neurology Treatment in Pune

Are you struggling with neurology problems? Don’t treat them in isolation or live with their challenges. Visit Inlaks and Budhrani and get the best neurology treatment in Pune!

At Inlaks and Budhrani, we have a well-equipped Department of Neurosurgery. We run daily OPD and an exclusive operation theater equipped with a competent anesthesiologist, state-of-the-art Boyle’s apparatus, image intensifier, operating microscope, micro neurosurgical instruments, and well-trained neurosurgical staff.

We run a surgical ICU managed by 24/7 well-trained nursing staff under the supervision and guidance of experienced anesthesiologists. In addition, we operate inpatient wards that cater to all the strata of society. In addition, we operate an Accident and Emergency Care Unit (Casualty) that handles all the Neurosurgical Emergencies backed by 24/7 CT and MRI Scan facilities from the Department of Radiology.

Our Department of Neurosurgery can treat various neurology problems related to the brain and spine. We run a daily outpatient service between 9 AM to 5 PM and 24/7 emergency services. We support these services through equally competent and prompt laboratory, radiology, accident and emergency, and anesthesiologists.

Our prompt treatment enables us to deliver early investigation reports. Receiving these reports promptly enables us to chart a definitive treatment plan, often decided on the day of admission itself. Our staff does interdepartmental references on the same day, if necessary. In addition, our Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation takes proper care of outpatients and admitted patients.

Conditions We Treat

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Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons that make us reliable for neurosurgery in Pune.

  • Team of qualified and experienced neurosurgeons
  • Treatment for a comprehensive range of neurological problems
  • Cutting-edge technology and the latest equipment
  • Personalized treatment
  • Every patient treated as God!

Call us at +91-20 - 66099999 / 26129080 for appointments.