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Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear Medicine in Pune

Nuclear medicine uses the radioactive material inside the body to see the functioning of organs or tissues for diagnosis or to target and destroy damaged organs or tissues for treatment. At Inlaks and Budhrani, we have a comprehensive nuclear medicine department. It is equipped with a SPECT-CT scanner, The Infinia Hawkeye 4 Nuclear system from GE Healthcare, and a hybrid scanner (CT & SPECT Dual Head Gamma Camera).

The equipment we use provides fully registered functional (SPECT) and anatomical information in a single image with a single examination. This helps us determine the nature and precise location of the lesion. Fusion images from complementary modalities offer a more complete and accurate assessment of the disease.

In addition, we have a two bedded isolation ward approved by AERB for Nuclear Medicine therapies - the first approved therapy ward in Maharashtra outside of RMC, Mumbai. Our Department of Nuclear Medicine has been treating thyroid cancer patients with radioiodine therapies for almost two decades.

Nuclear Medicine Treatment – What to Expect?

  • You receive a tracer via injection, inhalation, or a pill.
  • Wait for the tracer to travel through your body to the tissue or organ being diagnosed or treated.
  • Lie down on a table or walk on a treadmill
  • A camera is positioned on your body to detect radiation and collect information on the way the tracer is acting in an organ or tissue.
  • The information is used to determine the functioning of an organ or tissue.
  • The tracer’s radioactive material will be released in a few hours or days, based on the tracer’s type and the test you undergo

Why Choose Inlaks and Budhrani for Nuclear Medicine?

Please take a look at some reasons that make us the best for nuclear medicine.

  • Remarkable nuclear medicine facilities and capabilities
  • State-of-the-art equipment and qualified radiation experts
  • Every patient is treated as God
  • Proper treatment and aftercare
  • Comprehensive diagnosis

We are here to serve and treat you. So, feel free to connect with us at +91-20 - 66099999 / 26129080 and book an appointment.