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The Department Of Pathology

The Department of Pathology has a modern & state-of-the-art  Laboratory. Its quality and accuracy of laboratory reports serve as a gold standard to Clinicians & Patients.

In true sense, it reflects the statement of Sir William Osler, MD  that ''As is our Pathology, So is our Practice.......what the Pathologist thinks today, the Physician does tomorrow".

The Department is well equipped with fully automated equipments from leading manufacturers like Roche, Horiba, Sysmex, Instrumentation Laboratory.

This has reduced the human interference to the minimum, thereby minimising the chances of error.

We are committed to provide best quality laboratory services to all  patients   from PUNE & outstation.

The Laboratory offers services in Biochemistry, Haematology,

Immunoassays, Clinical Pathology. All Laboratory results are connected to Laboratory Information System.

Operated by a team of highly dedicated, sincere & experienced technical staff who are fully committed to maintain the high standard of work & accuracy. To achieve this, the laboratory is always vigilant & a rigid quality control system is followed. The Laboratory works 24x7 throughout the year.  The Department has four highly qualified Pathologists to enable round-the-clock functioning of the Department.


  • Microbiology:

Microbiology is the branch concerned with the diagnosis of Infectious diseases. Towards this end, the Microbiology section in SVMMC is equipped to perform various stains (both routine and special) and Culture & Antibiotic Sensitivity testing on bacterial pathogens.

The Laboratory is equipped with specific technical staff and equipments to perform this testing manually and on automated systems. Automated culture facilities are available for testing Blood and body fluids. (BacT Alert). The Antibiotic sensitivity interpretation is done as per CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) guidelines both manually and on the automated system. (Vitek 2)

Fungus culture for identification and antifungal sensitivity testing of yeast is also done both manually and on automated systems. (Vitek 2)

The Laboratory also performs a Line probe assay (Gene-O-type ) for the genetic detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Along with the detection, this test also determines if the detected Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is sensitive to the 2 most important drugs in the treatment of Tuberculosis i.e INH and Rifampicin

Microbiology section is also involved in the prevention of infections. Thus, it contributes to the Hospital Infection Control program effectively. The Microbiologist is involved in formulating Infection Control Protocols, monitoring Hospital associated infections besides other activities such as training of staff and performing Surveillance cultures in critical areas in the hospital.

The Department is committed towards protection of all healthcare workers from infectious agents, besides use of Personal Protective equipment. It is also equipped with a Biosafety cabinet. A Discard autoclave ensures appropriate disposal of infectious waste.

The Department has been regularly participating in External Quality Assurance Programs conducted at National level.