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Alternative Medicine


       Acupuncture literally means "needle  piercing" or inserting very fine needles at various pre-determined points over the body. It is a form of external treatment of various internal disorders. The treatment carried out by acupuncture may also include   moxibustion which is burning of herbal agents, such as moxa  on the skin as a counterirritant  in the treatment of diseases. It is a component of traditional chinese and japenese art of healing.

       Acupuncture works to "re-programme" and restore normal functions by stimulating certain points on the meridians in order to free up the CHI energy. The exact mechanism by which acupuncture works is unknown but we know that acupuncture needles inserted into specific MERIDIANS (points) on the body and in the ear releases endrophins which have a calming and relaxing effect that makes it easier to deal with stress, frustration and anxiety. Frequency of treatment-The course of treatment is decided after analysing each individual's requirement so  that he receives the maximum benefit from the treatment.. It is a common practice to treat a patient daily until  he starts to improve. The frequency of treatment is then reduced to three times a week, then twice a week, and finally, to once a week. The patient is asked to return for reaaesment four weeks after the completion of treatment.
        Most patients have multiple problems that are interrelated. Acupuncture takes a holistic approach, attending to all the ailments of the patient. Even though there are numerous incidences of quick and
 miraculous cures, some ailments respond slower than others. The patient should not feel disheartened if he finds that some of his problems take longer to get cured than others. A cure requires a balancing of the energy flow and may be a slow process. In long-standing ailments, the response to treatment is slow, as the energy flows that have been disturbed for many years can and do take time to return to normal.

       Acupuncture is a safe method of  treatment with no side effects when general precautions are observed. Types of needles-The different kinds of needles in use are fili form stainless steel needles, embedding needles, plum blossom needles, hot needles and prismatic needles.

 Acupuncture Techniques:

  1. Electro-Acupuncture
  2. Aquapuncture
  3. Homeopuncture
  4. Ear Acupuncture
  5. Scalp Acupuncture
  6. Wrist and Ankle acupuncture
  7. Nose and face Acupuncture.

Treatble Conditions :

  1. Hypertension
  2. Hypotension
  3. Osteoarthritis
  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  5. Cervical Spondylitis
  6. Low Backaches
  7. Slipped Disc with Sciatica
  8. Frozen shoulder
  9. Tennis Elbow
  10.  Gout
  11.  Migraines and Common headaches
  12.  Insomnia
  13.  Paralysis
  14.  Asthma
  15.  Sinusitis
  16.  Menstrual disorders
  17.  Skin Diseases
  18. Psychiatric Disorders
  19.  Depression and Anxiety
  20. Obesity
  21. Smoking and other Addictions.

SVMMC Facts:

No. of Hospitals- 4
No. of Years- 30
Over 100,000 Patients Treated
Over 120 Doctors across all Facilities
430 Beds & 7 OT’s
25 Bedded ICU
Experienced, Empathetic, and Empowered!