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Alternative Medicine



Naturopathy is purely a drugless healing system as well as way of life, which helps not only to prevent diseases but also to promote and improve the status of health.

It believes that the human body owes its existence to Nature’s five great elements such as Earth,Water,Air, Ether & Sunlight & gives importance to proximity with Nature & the laws of the Nature.

It recognizes that the human body possesses remarkable recuperative powers or natural immunity or vital force which always tries to resist disease & helps for self recovery & self regulation during the internal biological process.

According to this science the primary cause of all diseases is the violations of the laws of Nature,which govern health principles & limitations of diet,exercise,sleep,relaxation,hygiene.Mental stress & sexual life leading to accumulation of metabolic & other wastes in the system,causes enervation & poor elimination of toxins through the eliminative organs such as bowels, skin ,mucus membrane,lungs & kidneys.The real cause is unnatural way of living,unnatural food,improper rest & sleep.Lack of activity & polluted air & other sum total of bad habits away from natural laws.It demands will power, sacrifice & patience to rectify this situation.

Nature always gives warnings when toxic conditions start to build up in the system such as headaches, lethargy, sleeplessness & mental conditions of irritability, stress, tension,strains & depression.If the basic violation of diet & inactivity is corrected by Natural diet, exercise, treatments with great five elements of Nature such as mud, water, air, sunlight & mental poise, vibrant health is the result.

At  Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital we are offering Naturopathy consultation & advice according to the disease condition. Dietary advice and treatment with the help of five elements – mud packs & wet packs as per disease condition is advocated.


The Korean word ‘SU’means hand & ‘JOK’ is a foot.

The structure of the hand & foot demonstrates a surprising similarity with the structure of the human body. In other way we can say advanced acupressure or remote therapy-as we are treating corresponding points on hands & foot.

SU-JOK Therapy is a complementary therapy in which No medicine is used. As advanced Acupressure-Patient is treated by treating corresponding points as per disease condition on patients hand &foot. Treatment is done by applying STAR MAGNETS, DIFFERENT SEEDS with the help of micropore. This has to be kept as it is for minimum 6-8 hours.

At Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, SU-JOK  therapy  is being done on patients.