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Charity Programmes

Charity Programmes



'Service of the poor is worship of God!'

                                                     - Sadhu Vaswani



To mark the beginning of Revered Dada’s 90th Birthday Celebrations, a service programme of providing artificial limbs to those for whom being on their feet is a distant dream, was initiated.Artificial Limb Donation Camps were held in Pune city and 20–25 districts of Maharashtra State.Since the year 2007,by the abundant loving grace of Rev.Dada,over 14,000 patients have received customized artificial limbs so that they can perform their daily duties and not be a burden on their family and society and lead a life of dignity. In the year 2017, we have provided over 800 Artificial limbs to the poor and destitute struggling to be physically independent and literally enabled them to stand on their feet.

Thanksgiving week FEB. 18-24.

      "We must do as much good as we can, in as many ways as we can, to as many people as we can and as long as we can."

                                                                             -Dada J.P.Vaswani.

It was during this week in the year 1998 that our dearly loved and Revered Dada J.P.Vaswani underwent a quadruple bypass surgery at The Washington Medical Centre,USA.

What ought to have been a single surgical procedure,turned out to be a series of no less than three major operations performed on Dada within a period of one week.For Dada's devotees, February 18-24 ,1998 was a week of anguish, tension and tears of prayer and supplication to the Lord. When the ordeal was over at last and Dada's condition stabilised after the third surgery, it occured to one of Dada's devotees at The Washington Medical Centre that Feb. 18-24 should be observed every year as a 'Thanksgiving Week'.

Keeping this in mind, a special service programme has been devised for the poor, needy patients who suffer from debilitating heart ailments .They are provided free diagnostic tests like ECG, 2D ECHO, Angiography.Also, free/concessional  cardiac procedures like Angioplasty and cardiac surgeries are offered  to as many patients as possible, during the 'Thanksgiving Week' every year.


Animal Welfare Activities

"How can we love God and not love His children? Every creature that breathes the breath of life is a child of God!"

                                                                 -Dada J.P.Vaswani.


Reverence for all life is the cornerstone of the Mission's philosophy.Every year, Sadhu Vaswani's birthday, November 25, is observed as International Meatless Day and Animal Rights Day.



Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Free Medical Camps for animals in Rural areas

Emergency Relief and Village upliftment

"Fellowship with the poor is essential to spiritual progress."

                                                                     -Sadhu Vaswani.


Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation following natural disasters and village upliftment programs are also undertaken.

Time and again, teams of volunteers have been revisiting some of the villages affected by the disaster to continue the rehabiltation efforts.

Free medical camps are an important part of the Village upliftment programme.. Sadhu Vaswani Mission's Khandala Clinic runs two free mobile vans , which along with a Doctor, visit  small hamlets around Lonavla and Khandala regularly to provide free medical aid and free medicines to tribals at their doorsteps.