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  • Ambulance

    +91-20-6609 9717
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  • Emergency

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  • Pathology

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  • Pharmacy

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  • Reception

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  • Health Feeds



                                  Department  of  Nephrology

Nephrology  is a vital and expanding Department that delivers Renal services for Pune city and the neighbouring districts. The Department also provides services for the patients from the state as well as foreign nationals.

Facilities and Services:

  • We are a recognised Renal Transplant Unit for doing live and deceased donor Renal transplants.
  • We provide out patient Nephrology consultations and In patient facility, with emergency Hemodialysis round-the-clock. Glomerular diseases, proteinuria,haematuria, urinary tract infections, stone diseases and hypertension are evaluated and treated.
  • We have a well  maintained Hemodialysis centre, with experienced staff.
  • We have 25 bedded ICU, where critical care Nephrology support like Acute Hemodialysis/ peritoneal dialysis, SLEDD is furnished.

Nephrology procedures like Uncuffed and cuffed central catheter placement, Sonography guided Kidney biopsy and PD catheter placement is carried out on regular basis.

Special procedures like Plasmapheresis for Anti GBM disease, ANCA mediated Vasculitis, Lupus Flair, Antibody mediated rejection/Desensitisation of Kidney transplant, various neurological conditions is done.