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                               Department of Orthopaedics

  1. This Department is accreditated to the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi for DNB(Orthopaedics) and is staffed with two full time Senior Consultants, two Specialists in Orthopaedics,seven DNB Trainees.
  2. The out patient clinic is conducted from 9 am to 7 pm daily on week days. (Mon. -Sat.) and 9 am. to 3pm. on Sundays.
  3. Speciality clinics are conducted  in Knee, Shoulder Arthroscopy and Spine surgery.
  4. Around 500 patients per week take advantage of Orthopaedic services.
  5. Knee & Hip joint replacement, Spinal instrumentation, Arthroscopy, Trauma management & soft tissue corrective surgeries are managed by the Department.
  6. The faculty updates regularly by way of CMEs, Seminars, Journal Clubs and Workshops.
  7. More than 25 Post Graduates have completed the DNB Orthopaedic course from this Department.
  8. Latest instruments & laminar air flow operation theaters help the Department for smooth & fast working.
  9. The Department is accredited to MMC for conducting CMEs in Orthopaedics.





Spinal problems related to trauma, degeneration, deformities of cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine.

Surgeries which are routinely performed include: Anterior cervical discectomy & fusion, Cervical corpectomy , Posterior Laminectomy, Lateral mass plating.

Pedicular screw fixation for thoracic spine trauma & deformity corrections.

Lumbar spine fusion including sacral fixations & interbody fusions etc;

Microscopic & minimally invasive surgeries of the spine.



Shoulder Replacement surgery

Shoulder Arthroscopy (Dislocation & Rotator cuff repairs)

Knee Arthroscopy (Ligament & Meniscus repairs, Cartilage surgeries)

Complex trauma & Hip fractures.