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Transfusion Medicine

                                            Department of Transfusion Medicine

The Department of Transfusion Medicine at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission's Medical Complex is FDA approved with a valid license. It functions 24 * 7 and  caters to the needs of all indoor patients of Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, M.N. Budhrani Cancer hospital, Fabiani and Budhrani Heart Institute and K.K. Eye Institute. We also supply Blood to patients from outside Hospitals in and around Pune.

Our blood products are of the best quality and include Whole Blood , PCV, FFP, RDP, SDP which are available round the clock. We strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down by FDA (Food & Drug Administration), SBTC, NACO & NABH.We have adopted Laboratory procedures as per WHO guidelines.

The Department is equipped with the latest equipments mainly for collection of Blood & preparation of components. To optimise the patient & donor safety is our goal and we constantly work to improve the practices of Blood transfusion and testing.

We take blood from Voluntary Donors only & retain the Donors.  BLOOD DONATION CAMPS are conducted regularly in and around Pune city to promote 100% voluntary & safe Blood Donation.We maintain a wide groupwise database of donors. Our efforts are directed towards offering the best quality of Blood & Blood products in the city. The staff in the Department is highly skilled, devoted and constantly works to achieve 0% error in the screening, testing & collection of blood. This helps donors & patients alike & thus we enable a noble & selfless service.

We also carry out awareness program to educate the public /prospective blood donors for motivating them for voluntary blood donation.

About 45 Thalassemic children are enrolled with us who are given totally free of cost Blood Transfusions.

At the time of any disaster or crisis, we strive to reach out & help as many citizens who may be in urgent need of blood.

The Blood Bank is inspected periodically by FDA to monitor our activities.

In the direction of our pledged endeavour to serve humanity, we are constantly striving to provide safe and superior quality Blood & Blood components to patients.


YOU can be a Blood Donor too and give the gift of life!

Register as a Voluntary Blood Donor with us on: 020 66099727

Help us save precious lives.