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  • Ambulance

    +91-20-6609 9717
  • Blood Center

    +91-20-6609 9727
  • Emergency

    +91-20-6609 9719
  • Pathology

    +91-20-6609 9725
  • Pharmacy

    +91-20-6609 9724
  • Radiology

    +91-20-6609 9729
  • Reception

    +91-20-6609 9701
  • Health Feeds



SVMMC has a well equipped Library with Internet facility to provide for the needs of the students and faculty. All Hospital staff has access to the Library reading material.

The Library subscribes to many National and International Journals including e-Journals and has a huge collection of the latest Medical, Surgical and other healthcare publications covering a wide range of topics.

New titles are regularly added as per requirement. Books for the DNB curriculum with DVD’s in DNB Accredited Specialities and facilities for Satellite Transmission for Educational Programme on DD1 & DD2 are also available.


Working  Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 9 AM to 12 Midnight.

Sunday : 8 AM to  8 PM.