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 Department of Surgical Oncology

  • High volume, skill based delivery of standard of care surgical intervention with results at par with world bench marks.
  • One of the first departments in the country to get recognition for superspeciality training (DNB Surgical Oncology).
  • Nearly 2500 new cancer patients registered every year.
  • More than 300 complex, supra major surgeries per annum.

Use of latest in futuristic technology such as

  • Harmonic scalpel.
  • Radio Frequency Ablation for percutaneous destruction of indicated tumors (stitchless).
  • Gastro-intestinal, thoracic & vascular stapling & anastomotic devices & wipple'ss surgery.
  • Organ & function preserving, oncologically safe resection for cancers of breast, head & neck and rectum.
  • Conservative oncological long bone & joint resection with mega prosthesis.
  • Percutaneous, deep body, image guided pneumatic gun tissue for diagnostic purpose & Immunohistochemistry(IHC).
  • Pneumatic, multi-bladed micro saws for conservative & cosmetic flat bone resections (mandible, facial bones).


                                               Department of Medical Oncology 

Chemotherapy is an integral part of multimodality treatment in most of the solid tumors along with Radiation and surgery. In metastatic cancers and in haematological malignancies, Chemotherapy is the primary treatment modality.

Well versed with recent advances in Oncology including newer  Chemotherapy drugs, targeted therapies & immunotherapy, the well - trained and experienced medical oncologists at MNBCI are at the fore front of delivering cutting edge cancer treatment, including -

  • High Intensity Chemotherapy
  • High dose Chemotherapy
  • Consultations for Oral Chemotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Targeted Molecular Therapy
  • Drug delivery through long term indwelling venous access appliances
  • Solid Tumor Chemotherapy
  • Day Care Chemotherapy
  • Chemotherapy for haematological malignancies
  • Immunotherapy